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Having good eyesight is essential to safe driving. Yet some drivers go years or even decades without checking their vision is up to scratch. Others put themselves and others in danger by driving without their glasses or lenses.

Currently, drivers of cars, vans and motorbikes are only required to have their eyesight checked once, when they take their driving test, by reading a number-plate – a method that doesn’t accurately measure vision over distance, and fails to check peripheral vision or look for other problems. Beyond this, when they reach 70, drivers must simply declare their vision meets legal requirements. Brake believes this is grossly inadequate.

We are calling for government to make it compulsory for drivers to have a proper eyesight test with a professional at the start of their driving career, and at least every 10 years thereafter. It's predicted this simple requirement would help to prevent casualties and deliver cost-savings to the economy. It would benefit drivers too, by helping them avoid crashes, and have any eye conditions detected and treated early.

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